Lila Pollack

To Complete The Suzuki Teaching Training Course, Year One, New York, NY

The Suzuki Teaching Training Course for violin is a two-year program at The School for Strings. The first year is taught by Allen Lieb. Each weekly two hour seminar involves in-depth discussions and problem solving strategies used in the Suzuki Approach for teaching musical materials. Students are also required to observe lessons for at least two hours each week and write reports on them. With this grant, Lila hoped to grow as a teacher in order to give students the positive experience that she benefited from through the Suzuki Approach. At this time of this grant, Lila was the teaching assistant at Diller-Quaile for Book I and II Violin Group Class. She hoped that a complete knowledge of the Suzuki Approach would enable her to provide more support to both students and teachers, as well as help her to carry out Diller-Quaile’s mission: to inspire participation in music for a lifetime.

Trevor Tamashiro