Ian Bentley

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Ian Bentley attended the Summer Vocology Institute at the University of Utah in Summer 2017
The Summer Vocology Institute (SVI) at the University of Utah is an intensive program led by world-renowned voice scientist Dr. Ingo Titze to learn “vocology” – the study and practice of voice health and habilitation. The program combined music, speech science, vocal pedagogy, health, and theater training and gave real world experience in applying these concepts to both performance and health settings. Having already completed the first block of the program, Principles of Voice Production, Ian then completed blocks 2 and 3 in 2017. In Block 2, Instrumentation for Voice Analysis and Voice Habilitation, he studied the scientific instrumentation used in voice clinics to assess vocal health. Block 3, Voice for Performers, focused on different kinesthetic techniques for the singing voice. After completing the program, Ian earned a “Certificate of Vocology” from the University of Utah.

Trevor Tamashiro