Michael Joviala

Joviala, Michael headshot.jpg

Dalcroze School of the Rockies, Professional Studies, Group Lessons, Denver, CO. Diller-Quaile has been an important center for Dalcroze Education in the United States for many years. Master teachers such as Anne Farber and Ruth Alperson, holders of the Dalcroze Diplôme, have taught and trained countless students, including some serving on our faculty. But because of the particularly high level of skill required to earn the Diplôme Supérieur, and the necessity to live in Geneva for extended lengths of time, there have been few new recipients. Those entering the Diplôme Supérieur program in Geneva must pass a rigorous entrance exam in the three branches of Dalcroze study: eurhythmics, solfège and improvisation. Jeremy Dittus, a holder of the Diplôme based in Denver, Colorado, has carefully created a pathway which can lead students to mastery of the necessary skills, and offers instruction via Skype classes, which he teaches at the Dalcroze School of the Rockies. Michael applied himself to these studies via Skype instruction over the course of the year, to prepare for the Diplôme Supérieur in Geneva and to become a stronger musician and teacher, better able to serve the needs of the Dalcroze community at Diller-Quaile and beyond.

Trevor Tamashiro