Douglas Lima

Instrumental and Vocal Department (Accompanist, Piano)

Douglas Lima is a pianist and accompanist, as well as a composer/songwriter/arranger, originally from Los Angeles, and relocating to New York City in the 1980s to attend graduate school at the Manhattan School of Music.

Mr. Lima began his performing career in LA as a four-year-old with a song and dance routine, and has been a part of literally thousands of performances ever since—mostly, though not exclusively at the keyboard.

As a Union keyboardist in 1970s Southern California, Doug sat in with countless jazz, rock, “top 40s” and country-western bands, as well as with originals bands and avante-garde performers. In those days, Mr. Lima went by various stage names—Jack Horner, Isaac Newton and Floyd Patterson, to name a few—thereby to avoid the occasional contract issue. He uses his own name, nowadays.

As a classical piano player Mr. Lima has performed in virtually every sort of musical situation imaginable—solo, ensembles of every type, accompanying, concertos, orchestral piano, silent movie orchestras, and improvising with a gamelan orchestra. Performing has taken him to many venues throughout much of the US, and to parts of Eastern and Western Europe.

Douglas Lima joined the Diller-Quaile school in the late 1980s, and has greatly enjoyed being a part of the musical education of many wonderful young people, while working with fine, dedicated professionals.

H-RTrevor Tamashiro