High school instrument and voice students will find many exciting program and ensemble opportunities. Diller-Quaile’s faculty of distinguished performers and experienced educators guides students through the challenges and rewards of instrument and voice study. Beginners or experienced players will find an inspiring environment for developing proficiency and confidence in a vibrant and supportive school culture.

Audition for the High School Certificate Program

This three-year program is designed for students looking to join a community of like-minded musicians wishing to stretch and challenge themselves. A weekly schedule of lessons, musicianship training, repertoire class, and ensembles, such as the Diller-Quaile Orchestra and the Diller-Quaile Youth Opera, is complemented by ample opportunities for performance, annual jury examinations, and community service concerts. Students perform solo recitals in eleventh & twelfth grades and receive the High School Certificate upon completion of the Program.

Contact the Instrumental & Vocal Coordinator at lessons@diller-quaile.org to schedule an audition.

Design Your Own Program!

This program takes into consideration the busy lives of NYC high schoolers. Meet with a DQ faculty member today to design a program that meets your goals.
• Enroll in Lessons
• Audition for the Diller-Quaile Orchestra or Youth Opera
• Plan a comprehensive program to prepare for college level study
• Take a workshop - Learn how to improvise. Prepare for an audition. And more.

Enroll in a Comprehensive Program

Meet with a DQ faculty member today to customize a comprehensive program of study that meets your goals.
• Customized Weekly Program of Individual Lessons, Musicianship, Ensembles, and Repertoire Class
• Solo & Ensemble Performances throughout the year
• An Opportunity to Prepare for a Solo Senior Recital
• Accompaniment for String, Voice, Woodwind, and Brass Lessons & Performance
• Monthly Performance Hours
• Planning and Progress Conferences Each Semester
• Parent-Teacher Conferences
• Advisement for Summer Program and College Applications

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