Preschool Music & Art

The Early Childhood Department is pleased to offer families a preschool preparatory experience through its multi-day offerings. The Department offers assistance with your future school applications through annual student reports, official transcripts, and personal letters of reference when appropriate.

Deepen your child’s imagination and support school readiness through diverse explorations with music and art. In Preschool Music and Art, children develop a sense of community, as they explore, create, and discover together. Nurturing teachers guide your family through a gradual separation process, as each child becomes comfortable in the classroom setting. Students’ ideas are incorporated into the curriculum, sparking joyous music-making which is supported by a vast repertoire of folk, classical, jazz, popular, and original music. Children gain independence in this welcoming arts-centered classroom, where small percussion instruments, books, and a range of props are explored.

Daily hands-on visual artmaking with craypas, crayons, chalks, markers, paint, collage, sculpture, and natural materials deepens each child’s artistic explorations. Your child will explore various media and techniques to create drawings, paintings, collages, and sculptures. The classroom environment stimulates a love of learning and promotes preschool readiness. In addition to a head music teacher and a head art teacher, every class features a pianist who supports the learning process and improvises accompaniments in a variety of musical styles. 

Preschool Music and Art (2-2.6 Years)

9:00-10:30 a.m.
Child Only
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