INSTRUMENTS AT DQ: Piano and Percussion
COLLEGE: Columbia College in the City of New York
COLLEGE MAJOR: Astrophysics


At Diller-Quaile I was taught to understand and become interested in a wide range of classical music. I can now name the music I enjoy listening to from every musical era, starting with Baroque and ending with Early Modern. My piano music training brought me to love performing so much that wherever I go, if I see a piano I am tempted to begin playing. Firstly, my studies at Diller-Quaile have influenced me to minor in music. I learned from Dr. Claudia Knafo and Mr. James Melo that while it is important to learn to perform, it is just as important to understand the music. As a student at Diller-Quaile since the age of 2, I have had many wonderful teachers in all my classes; I appreciate their guidance and want to thank them all. Mrs. Marjory Duncalfe instilled a love of piano and the importance of selecting repertoire that one enjoys. My lessons with Dr. Knafo will be my defining memories at Diller- Quaile. Not only did she commit me to practicing piano for long lengths of time at home, she also encouraged me to practice after long days at school and my other extracurricular activities. The more I played, the more I loved the music.

Trevor Tamashiro