COLLEGE: SUNY Binghamton (B.A.), Loyola University (M.A.)
COLLEGE MAJOR: B.A. in Music and Political Science, M.A. in Social Justice


The same way I learned to break down a difficult piece into small passages, turn on the metronome, and play it over and over until I could master it, are the skills I need to take on large social problems and build new skills across a wide spectrum of work. Giving me the joy of being able to play music also gave me a place that I know I can always go for some peace and joy during stressful or frustrating times. Even now, I pick up my cello and play when I need an hour of quiet and peace. Playing chamber music helped me learn how to listen, how to work in groups, and how to move a team together toward a shared goal. It is amazing how much that translates into local community meetings or campaign strategy sessions to deal with neighborhood violence, pass new legislation, or create a new service project in my role as a community organizer. The first thing that stands out to me was how much the entire school cared for me. Diller-Quaile felt like both a school and a family, and I will be eternally grateful to Diller-Quaile and the entire staff for what they did for me.

Trevor Tamashiro