InstrumentAL and Vocal Programs

The Instrumental and Vocal Department provides beginning to advanced instrument and voice study through comprehensive programs, weekly classes and ensembles, and the High School Certificate Program. The traditions and artistic approach to teaching cultivated by the School’s founders, Angela Diller and Elizabeth Quaile, shape the School’s programs. 

Diller-Quaile faculty guide students in a vibrant and nurturing environment through an approach united by the pedagogical principles of using repertoire of enduring quality, teaching technique musically, and leading students to an understanding of the structure of music. This integrated approach to music education enables the School’s dedicated and skilled faculty to develop the emerging artistry in each student.


Applying for Instrument or Voice Study:

1. Submit an application.

2. Schedule a placement interview. Beginning May 15th, please call the Instrumental and Vocal Department Coordinator at 212-369-1484, extension 26, to schedule an interview for late May or June.

3. At the interview, experienced students will play or sing one of their current pieces. A child new to study will have an opportunity to try an instrument, while together we assess readiness for study. At Diller-Quaile the emphasis is on tailoring programs for each student’s educational needs, from beginning to advanced players.

We invite you to attend the Diller-Quaile Information Session on Wednesday, April 10th (6:00 to 7:00 p.m.). At this adult-only event, the School provides a detailed introduction to all instrument programs.

Please also join us with your child at Diller-Quaile Discovery Day on Saturday, September 7th (1:00 to 3:00 p.m.). The afternoon will feature performances by Diller-Quaile faculty and opportunities for children to try a range of instruments.

Questions? Please contact the Instrumental and Vocal Department at 212-369-1484, extension 26, or

Apply Now

Or, click here to download a PDF application.