INSTRUMENTS AT DQ: Piano and Violin
COLLEGE: Ohio Wesleyan University
COLLEGE MAJOR: Classical Piano


Diller-Quaile exposed me to the world of music education, and how extensive and dedicated some individuals are to creating and sustaining a sound environment—where people can study music from people who love creating music. Soon after graduating High School, I received an assistant position working at the Diller-Quaile Summer Music Study Outreach Program. This led me to the job position I had this past year as a music teacher at Horizon International Bilingual School in Vietnam. I was always aware that outlets exist, and that humans need to express themselves. I know life should feel good, and I learned that early being exposed to and playing music. What I remember most are Monday evenings at Diller-Quaile—I had group violin class, orchestra, and an individual lesson. It was truly the best way to start a week. There were also young teens as well, so I was quite comfortable socially being able to form friendships with people of different cultural backgrounds and experiences. Diller-Quaile was a very comfortable and safe place where I knew I was welcome and could call “home.”

Trevor Tamashiro