COLLEGE: Northwestern University
COLLEGE MAJOR: Cello Performance and Comparative Literature

Nicky Swett.jpg

Beyond giving me my foundation as a cellist, the warm and positive environment of Diller-Quaile gave me confidence as a performer, not only of music. I believe that my comfort with public speaking, and my ability to act in high school stage plays, were sparked by the supportive performance program of Diller-Quaile. My teacher, Jennifer Jahn, was responsible for the strong passion I have now, not only for playing cello, but for music itself. My music training is at the heart of the work ethic I have developed throughout high school and college. The ability to study and prepare something, not only for the eyes of a teacher or parent but in order to entertain and move a public audience, is something that has been crucial to my successful academic performance. Diller-Quaile provided me with an extraordinary variety of performance experiences. I remember with such pride the fact that I got to play Vivaldi’s Double Concerto at Merkin Hall. The experience of returning to play a concert at DQ this spring reminds me that I will always be a Diller-Quaile student, no matter where I am in my career or my life!

Trevor Tamashiro