COLLEGE: University of Pennsylvania
COLLEGE MAJOR: Molecular Biology


My music training taught me the importance of practice, not just in violin, but in every discipline. I have learned to appreciate classical music, which I think many people my age do not fully appreciate. I sometimes listen to it while doing other things and find it relaxing and comforting. I have learned the ability to empathize with others. As a doctor, especially in pediatrics, I will face all sorts of emotional situations. My ability to understand these emotions, which I have gained from playing music, will greatly improve my bedside manner and help me to relate to my patients and their families. My evolution as a performer stands out to me. I remember when I was four years old— standing at my first of many recitals. But when my name was called, I froze. I was too scared to go up to the front of the room to perform my piece. The recital ended and I had still not played. Clutching onto my sweater like a safety blanket, a few minutes later, I then declared that I was ready to play—and Mr. Hough patiently found a way to make that happen. 14 years later, I have had the training and the experience to stand confidently on grand stages.

Trevor Tamashiro