INSTRUMENT AT DQ: Classical Guitar
COLLEGE: The College of Saint Rose
COLLEGE MAJOR: Music Industry


It is because of Diller-Quaile—and the relationships I made there—that I decided I wanted to major in something music related. I did not become serious about music until Diller-Quaile showed me its value. I received the first tastes of some of the college courses that I have been enrolled in, at Diller-Quaile. The School gave me a sort of pride in what I was doing, which made me confident to pursue what I wanted. What stands out for me is the overwhelming support of everyone in the building. The incredible ability of my teachers to make everything interesting and applicable. DQ has been inspirational for me on my musical journey. My brother is starting at Diller-Quaile in the fall. I know that he will be in great hands, and I am excited for his love and passion for music to grow there.

Trevor Tamashiro