COLLEGE: Marymount Manhattan College
COLLEGE MAJOR: Fine Studio Art


During my musical studies, both in theory and violin, my love for my instrument multiplied as I progressed in learning and improving my ways of playing. It was from this which inspired not only my career-goal of performing in Carnegie Hall (which Diller-Quaile allowed to happen in 2005), but greatly influenced my new career goal of becoming a combined music and (studio) art therapist. Music training helped prepare me for college because it gave me prior experience in a form of studying, through tirelessly practicing in preparation for concerts. I consider this synonymous to studying for exams—the more you study, the better mark you will receive, just as the more you practice, the better your performance will be. I especially appreciated how much of a sense of family I felt developed there. In particular, I was touched by how, after experiencing a serious injury in summer 2003, not only was my musical learning especially encouraged and reinforced by my teacher, Carla Francis, but Kirsten Morgan, the director, made sure that my graduation had its own, special ceremony and celebration in honor of my accomplishment—which made me feel very special!

Trevor Tamashiro