COLLEGE: Vassar College

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Studying music made me a happier person. From a skills standpoint, it’s true what everyone says about the practicing habits music instills. You can apply the endurance and patience you learn through playing a Bach Sonata over and over to any type of work you do. Years of getting up and performing in front of audiences (even if they were just the friendly ones you find at DQ) made me a more confident person. I don’t think I would have been nearly as happy my freshman year without that confidence I built through music. DQ was for me what yoga is for many. It was a time of meditation. I walked through that red door and left test scores behind. You get a kind of one-on-one attention from your teachers that I think would be hard to find anywhere else. There are few people I would rather spend a few hours a week with than my teachers at DQ. An aspect that really stands out about DQ is the professional piano accompanists you have the opportunity to play with regularly in lessons. They teach you not through words but by playing with you as they would play with any professional musician. They treat you as an equal.

Trevor Tamashiro